Tyrese on The Independent Woman...Hmmmmmm


I watched this clip on Necole Bitchie's YouTube channel and was interested to hear what actor, singer, author Tyrese Gibson had to say about the "Independent Woman".  Let me start off by saying I'm a champion of women who have their own identity, who have studied & worked hard to achieve scholastic/professional success, and who aren't afraid to take life by the balls and LIVE IT TO THE FULLEST.  However, you will NEVER hear me say that we women don't need a man.  I believe that the man is essential in providing financial & emotional stability, friendship, and uncoditional love!  And if they understand how to be effective communicaters, are kind & considerate, practice patience, and know how to agree to disagree that is an extreme PLUS!  I value having a man being the MAN!  I don't like wearing pants and refuse to be the kind of woman who barks demands or emasculates her mate! We are supposed to be helpmates and if we already have our own we should be willing to share that with our man!!!  It's okay to be an "Individual" and have your own but don't hang that over a man's head.  Give the man an opportunity to be the Man!!!


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