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Well it's no secret that I LOVE FOOD! But there is one place in Atlanta that I hold near and dear to my heart...Debbie's Delights.  A friend of mine introduced me to this spot and I fell in love almost immediately.  The ambiance, the people, and of course THE FOOD was all I needed to feel MMM MMM GOOD!  I love this place so much that I cannot decide which dish is my favorite.  I fell in love with the Captains French Toast almost immediately.  Who would have thought that coupling your favorite childhood cereal with French Toast would send your mouth into a frenzy?  But it doesn't stop there because the Chicken & Waffle is mouth watering and coupled with it's Sweet Heat Hot Sauce it adds just enough sweet and spicy flavoring that will keep you wanting more.  But then there's the Salmon Croquet's...Need I say more?  This dish coupled with some grits will have you reminiscing about the weekend breakfasts at your grandmother's house in the Summertime!!!  


I had the distinct pleasure of sitting down with the owner/chef, Susan Harris.  Such a lovely woman and honey when I tell you we had a chance to not only talk about being a business owner, chef, & mom, she was able to shed a little light on what it's like dating as a woman on the GO!  Ladies, we are not alone but if we share our experiences we will be able to stay motivated and inspired so keep pushing and dating yourself in the mean time.  Find a new local business near you that can support and love just like I have with Debbie's Delights!!!


If you are in the Atlanta area check out Debbie's Delights located near the ATL airport.  You will enjoy the food and have something to go home and talk about.  


Debbie's Delights

2801 East Point St.

East Point, GA 30344

Instagram: @lil_debbied




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