Time Out for the Friend Zone






     Ok DateYourselfGirlies we've all been there.  You meet someone who seemingly has all the qualifications you're looking for in a mate.  He's handsome, employed, doesn't live with his mama lol interesting, funny, attractive, easy to get along with, & full of that spark that makes you tingle on the inside.  And then it happens...you begin to get a little too close and he tells you that he want to be "Friends"!  And not just "Friends" but the kind of friend that he hangs out with and takes around his homeboys and family...the kind of friend he comes to for support and advice...the kind of friend he prays with...the kind of friend he can count on even when the woman he's really interested in is nowhere to be found.  Look, I got enough "homeboys" so I don't need another "Friend".  I am too old to be walking around calling all these men my friend.  I'm not a walking Facebook page with unlimited friends around here...I am looking for a consistent companion.  Someone I can share my life with.  So while I enjoy being friends with people of the opposite sex this is where I'm going to get off of the "Just Friends" train.  I'd rather have a V8!!!  


     So from now on, when I meet someone with all the qualities I'm looking for in a mate, I will definitely NOT be his friend.  At least in the beginning.  I will require more work and effort on his part and give less of me.  I will require more of the chase and take my time finding out what the man is really looking for in a woman.  It's going to be a challenge because if you're like me and you're looking for something sustainable it's easy to attach yourself to the first man who gives you all that you're looking for.  Just remember that time wasted is the one thing we cannot get back so use it wisely!!!  And in the meantime remember to DateYourselfGirl!!!


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