We're Passionate About Giving Back

DYG believes that giving back is a necessary step in the healing process. Giving back to your friends, family, and community promotes growth, compassion, and gives us many reasons to be thankful. Over the past  7 years DYG has given back to organizations like Hosea Helps, The Georgia Spartans, The Atlanta Mission, & Open Hand. 

For the second year in a row we partnered with The Atlanta Mission: My Sister's House and donated $4,026 along with 40 boxes of diapers for mothers and their babies!!!  


We would like for you to join us in our giving endeavors because you will find that giving to others not only makes them feel good but it helps you to feel better about yourself, as well.  You are a valuable asset to making our communities strong and DYG recognizes your heart.  


So let's practice giving today and every day!!! 


2021 Diaper Drive Thank Yous

Tamika Jones

Brittany LaShay Smith

Hallie Golov

Clifton Raglin 

Ericka Ratcliff 

Andrea Gooden 

Daimon Carrington 

Sylvester Pierce 

Keshia Carter 

Tai Davis 

Courtney Sale Manning

Sheryl J. Anderson 

Miranda Jeter 

Erron Shaw 

Gena Townsend 

Al Goldfarb 

Kamal Bolden 

David Adams 

Chevis Vaughn 

Sonya Hartley 

Marja Martin 

Laketa Booker 

Tamberla Perry

Nicole Pringle 

Andrea Searby 

Shante Speaks 

Tiffany Oglesby

Robbie Stewart 

Faith Cornelius 

The (Non) Starving Artist, LLC

DeAuntre Washington

Delali Potakey

Gia Gorr 

Kimberly Senior

Iris Torchia Horvath

Antwone Smith 
Elizabeth Taylor 

Dionna Griffin 

Lesley Martinez Etherly 

Laurie Roach 

Monifa Sims 

Michael Knox

Patrick Lawrence 

Alfreda Williams 

Candace Walker 

Dr. Zackary Kirk 

Shon Middlebrooks 

Dr. Khaalisha Ajala 

Rebecca Jackson 

Konia McCraven 

Oboslete Studios, LLC. 

Brandi Brown

Talisha Jones 

Timber Talley

Lemon Lavender Mom

David Rispoli 

David Barlow 

Christy Clark 

Sharon Brathwaite 

Marie A. Charlestin 

Natasha Ellie 

Jazzlyn Roberson 

Sean Baker 

Keith Arthur Bolden 

Cheryl Jackson 

Tomeash Jenkins 

Shonda Hunt/Kam Washington 

Gwen Torrence 

Alferia Bailey 

Sonya Swader 

Gernell Jenkins 

Jennifer Young 

Tonia Jackson 

Courtney Martin 

Thad Flowers 

Michael Lowe

Dana Obanion 

Lambie's Cake & Cream 

Enoch King

Tangela Large 

Falashay Pearson 

LaTonya Holmes 

Cuma LLC

Keena Ferguson 

Mia Banston 

Jeffrey Gray 

LaToya Roberson 

Janet Jack 

Lip Snob 

Lush Wine Club

Kelli O'Dell

Gaffney Enterprises, LLC.

Tanessa Lee  

Tonya Stevenson 

Anthony Owens 

One Look Salon 

Fredricka "Free" Kinlow 

Natalie Ammons 

Melanie Brewar 

Renee Leveritte 

Robert Jobe 

Brenda Brown 

DYG Diaper Drive 2021

“I am so grateful to the DateYourselfGirl charity for contributing so much time and money to our organization.”


"Tracey and her team of 'givers' are truly changing our world for the better.