• Tracey Bonner

Young Man, Older Woman: DateYourselfGirl Dates Younger Men!!!

Sooooo I have been going on dates lately...YES DateYourselfGirl goes on DATES!!!lol And to be honest I have really been enjoying myself meeting different people and exploring different dating options. In this discovery phase that I'm in I've realized that I am really attracted to younger men. I don't puposely go after younger men they actually approach me, which is quite flattering. I mean, I'd love to date someone my age or a little older but it seems that those men are more interested in dating younger women or they are married looking for a "side-piece". And that ain't happening!!! But here's the problem, when I date these younger men I know that there's not a real possibility of a future with them. Not that I'm not interested in building something with them but because of our age difference younger men seem to be less interested in holding down a stable, committed relationship. They jump in head first and send you on a whirlwind of fun dates, great conversations, and some steamy make out sessions. Ok ladies let's keep it really REAL but the sex with younger men is better. I mean Olympic style sex ladies. Swinging from Chandelier style sex. But then after a couple months they are on to the next one. See they want things to happen right away without really taking the time to get to know one another and develop something real, sincere, authentic, and honest. So, I 'm locked in this dating pool of non-committal men without a float. I'm drowning ladies! My father tells me I'm going to have to date OLDER men 45 and older. Now, for some women that represents security, stability, and commitment but for ME all I see BORING, BORING, BORING...AND OLD! And there's nothing worse than watching an older man trying to relive his youth and failing at it epicly. If you're 50 and older you don't have to dress like the 25 year olds but please by all means be in touch with the latest fashion trends of the times AND please be sure your clothes fit you to a T. Get a tailor if you must or just make sure your clothes fit your body type. No sagging or wide leg pants and definitely NO Skinny leg jeans.

Ladies, I feel like I'm in a trap...Young men equal fun times with no commitment, men my age equal no commitment, and older men equal commitment without the fun. Where's the balance ladies? And fellas, where are those driven, spontaneous, energetic men who are looking to settle down? Don't get me wrong, I get approached by some really great men but there's always something missing. Just because a guy is nice doesn't mean that I'm going to be interested in him. There's got to be some kind of connection....that tingling feeling you get when you meet someone that you vibe with. I've had several men ask why I didn't give them a chance and honestly it's because I didn't get that tingling feeling. I don't want to have to force myself to like someone. It should be organic NOT forced. It always seems like the man that I like doesn't like me in the same way and the men that like me I don't like in the same way. When will there be reciprocity of feelings? And I know I'm not the only one who's dealing with these dating issues because MOST of my friends are SINGLE!!! There's a large majority of women out here who are going through chronic SINGLE-ITIS!!! I guess I will have to continue to keep my options open and continue to date until I meet that one who is willing to put in the time and effort it takes to build a solid foundation! So until then ladies DateYourselfGirl!!!


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