Empowering single women, women transitioning out of relationships, and married women

to become healthier, happier individuals - mentally, physically, and emotionally.  


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"I have to say I am truly inspired by what you have done with this movement. I was having trouble in a relationship with a guy and couldn’t figure out what to do. I knew I was settling and wasn’t happy but there was the fear of being alone. Then I just so happened to click on the DateYourSelfGirl website and read your introduction advising women to appreciate their worth and I knew that was the sign I needed to let this relationship (which was distracting and unhealthy) finally go. Afterwards I felt relieved and renewed. I understand that it is important to appreciate and love myself first and foremost. So each day I make it a point to “date myself” and do something for myself that I enjoy. For that, I thank you." - Tiffany O., DYG Follower