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All Relationships Matter

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

Let me begin by saying all relationships matter!!!

And I believe all of our relationships play a part in our personal lives. You've got a partner, so they likely get to hear about the important people in other parts of your life your life. My question is, do those conversations reflect the inspiring person entering your life and contribute to forming a strong foundation of trust because of how meaningful they are?

The Friend

There is a closeness between you and your friends. You share a lot of things and serve as confidantes to each other when called upon. It also feels good to have someone who you are able to talk about big ideas with. I'm blessed to have friends that know my goals and my goals become part of their goals because of the bond that we share. So when sharing ideas with your potential boo, are they a vision keeper or vision stealer?

The Co-Worker

Relationships in the workplace are just as important as those at home. Let's face it, you spend ALOT of time with these individuals and your work as well the people are important to you. It's true teamwork makes the dreamwork but trust guides the level of oneness that you have with professional colleagues just as in your personal relationships. To know that you have people whose confidence in you is unwavering and vice versa is a critical component when building teams.

I know you can't always pick the ones you work with, but you can can pick your partner. Having a collective goal or at least understanding with your partner about the significance of your career makes the intimate relationship effective and actively working with them on these goals opens the door for synergy.

The Teammate

As an entrepreneur, the people who I select for my team at work offer valuable insight. I am inspired by their individual skills and attributes. Each persons talent provides an important arm to my network and I feel like one with them although each of us is different.

It feels good when you're involved with a supportive partner and working towards a common goal because when we are willing to work towards a certain future, possibility itself is endless! I enjoy holding the hand of someone who shares my vision.

What Matters Most

For me, the contracts that bind my relationships are based in love. I celebrate all the people I have in my life who I am able to partner with, and who add to it forming a strong foundation because of how meaningful they are.

If the intimate relationship matters but the person isn't quite measuring up, I ask myself if it was my friend, co-worker or teammate what would I do to strengthen the partnership? Why do I not turn to them when I'm unsure about a decision? What non-negotiable attributes do they have to have that would make them an ideal partner?

Here's the toughest question of them all. Mirror mirror on the wall, would you Date Yourself Girl???

Let me know in the comments.


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