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DYG GIVES BACK: 9th Annual DYG Diaper Drive

DYG believes that giving back is a necessary step in the healing process. Giving back to your friends, family, and community promotes growth, compassion, and gives us many reasons to be thankful. Over the past 9 years DYG has given back to organizations like Hosea Helps, The Georgia Spartans, The Atlanta Mission, & Open Hand.


This year’s 9th Annual DateYourselfGirl, Inc. Diaper Drive was held on November 25, 2022-March 6, 2023 and we raised $4,200 in monetary donations. This year’s donations will serve in support of the mothers, in the Atlanta Mission: My Sister’s House and their new facility The Restoration House. As you know, the Winter months can be brutal and with inflation it has become even more difficult for displaced parents to provide proper care for their children. This endeavor gives them a little relief during this difficult season.

It is the mission of DateYourselfGirl, Inc. to not only empower single women, women transitioning out of a relationship, and married women to become the love they seek through self-care but also by giving back to their immediate communities. This is indeed a pathway to personal growth and healing.

We would like to THANK EVERYONE who continues to give to our endeavors. Here at DateYourselfGirl, INC. we find that giving to others not only makes them feel good but it helps you to feel better about yourself, as well. You are a valuable asset to making our communities strong and DYG recognizes your heart.

So let's practice giving today and every day!!! And remember, to DateYourselfGirl!


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