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Enough Already…It’s YOU!

Hey Sis….Enough already. Enough. Enough. Enough. It’s time to face the music and get down to the root of your discontentment in your life. I usually try to cushion my feedback, but there’s truly no other way to say this other than “It’s YOU”. It’s not your circumstances, it’s not your past. It’s not your family. It’s not your job. And it’s certainly not what anyone else

thinks or says about you. It’s what YOU believe and how YOU speak to yourself.  Aren’t you tired of the soundtrack of “I’m too’s” and “I’m not’s” playing in your mind?

  • I’m too lazy

  • I’m not fit

  • I’m too undisciplined

  • I’m not organized

  • I’m too old 

Girl, let me tell you something. If you haven’t heard it before, YOU ARE ENOUGH just as you are.  Where you are, right now, in this moment in time, is exactly where you should be. There is no “I should have…” because if you had, you wouldn’t be you. And the world needs the you that you are today. Sure, we all want something different. We all want to be better. We all want to improve some aspect of our lives, if not all of it. We want to be better, do better. But if all you constantly hear and think drains you, then are you really at your best capacity to create the change you want to see in your life?

Now, I know we all know those people who just got fed up and decided to make a change for themselves. But most people sit around wallowing in the complacency of the negative thoughts they say to themselves. But I’m here to tell you there’s a better way. Enough already! It’s time you understand these three things:

  1. Where you are is where you should be. Sure you’ve made mistakes but you learned. And that experience is invaluable 

  2. Your journey is the path to your own (and someone else’s) breakthrough so just keep going boo!

  3. Everything you think you aren’t or can’t do, you’ve probably already done in some capacity. For example:

    • Think you aren’t fit? You walk around Target shopping and sipping your Starbucks latte but how about walking around the block or just up and down your street sipping water from your reusable Starbucks tumbler?

    • Think you’re lazy? Really? Cause I bet you bust your tail for your boss at work. So if you aren’t lazy there, you can bring some of that to one aspect of your life you want to change.

Look Sis, the world needs your brilliance…and that unique brilliance only comes from the challenges and triumphs of YOUR life. So show some gratitude for what you’ve already made it through and for what’s to come because it’s just going to enhance who you’ll become. Enough already! Remove the negative tape from the Walkman of your brain because you are enough. Enough.  ENOUGH. Just get out there, shine your light, and remember to DATEYOURSELFGIRL!


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