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Getting Over the Resolution Hump

Every year we set out to make New Year’s goals/resolutions. We do this in search of becoming a better version of ourselves. We say it all the time, “New Year, New ME!” We see the New Year as an opportunity to make some much needed lifestyle changes. We are encouraged to lose that nagging 20 pounds and keep it off, start that career we always wanted to pursue, meditate daily to become more calm and centered, be more adventurous and stop putting life on hold, etc. We do this because we know that the life we are currently living can be exponentially better. Look, I believe there’s always room for growth and development at any age and stage in life. No matter how many degrees we have or experiences we have had, there’s alway an opportunity to learn a new skill and eliminate the old habits that haven’t served us well.

I have been told that it takes 21 straight days to build a habit but in my experience, it has required a lot more than that. Creating good habits requires a complete lifestyle change. The discipline and will power it takes to say no to the old and yes to the new is real. And let’s keep it a buck, a lot of us are not realistic about the timeframe it will take for us to achieve our goals. We have been conditioned to think that change is supposed to happen almost over night but we fail to realize that life is a process. Some processes take longer than others. Some processes have minor and sometimes major setbacks, which can throw a monkey wrench in our resolutions timeline. And let’s face it, a lot of us have adopted this "microwave mindset" where any sign of adversity is a sign for us to quit. So, how can we change this mindset and develop a mindset of perseverance?

Well, here are five ways that I think you can keep your New Year's goals/resolutions on track:

1). Find an Accountability Partner(s). Sure, you can achieve your goals on your own but I have found it easier to bring someone else along the journey. With the unpredictability of our daily lives, follow through can be tough. But an accountability partner will check in to ensure that you are meeting the goals that you have set. There will be challenges along the way and sometimes we need someone to remind us of the endgame.

2). Physical Fitness is Mental Fitness. Not everyone is excited about hitting the gym so maybe the gym isn't for you. Maybe hiking or cycling or yoga better suits your fitness style...BUT keep in mind, that establishing a realistic fitness regiment is key in helping to build our mental stamina. This journey will be long at times and hard at times.

Being physically fit will fuel the mind to KEEP GOING!

3). Focus on the Little Wins. We tend to set BIG, lofty goals and sometimes that can be overwhelming. Give yourself some grace by celebrating the little victories. Losing five pounds is just as big a win as losing fifty. Be kind to yourself and celebrate that. It's okay to pat yourself on the back and throw yourself a victory party!

4). Remember Your Progress is in the Process. Think about it this way, babies take nine to ten months to be fully developed inside a womb. And as much as a baby puts stress on the mother's body, they want the baby to be carried full term. Why? Because they want the baby to be born with the best chances of full development of their organs, which help ensure a healthy start at life. Same goes for your Goals/Resolutions. You must complete the process in order to achieve full progress!

5). Treat Yourself. When you are focused on a goal sometimes you forget to take some necessary ME time. Make sure you implement time to do what makes YOU happy. Whether it's hanging out with your girls or buying that cute pair of shoes or getting a 90 minute massage or treating yourself to your favorite restaurant. Setting some time aside to create your own happiness will be essential in your achieving your resolutions.

All in all, the resolution hump can be conquered. WE just have to get out of our own way by setting realistic goals, establishing attainable timeframes, and seeing the process through all the way to the end. No one said it would be easy but it will be worth it, IF you trust the journey. So what are your goals/resolutions for this New Year? And while you're figuring that out don't forget to DateYourselfGirl!

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