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Who are you? Tell me about yourself. Can you share an introduction?

When we get asked these questions, we usually start off with: “My name is ____ and I’m a ____ (insert your job title). Which is great for networking events and there’s definitely a time and place for that. But let’s dig a little deeper. Outside of your job, what brings you money, and where you spend your time, who are you really?

On social media, we tend to present ourselves, sharing just one or two elements of who we are. We’re the mom who loves to cook, the boss babe who services her clients, or the professional who is killing the corporate game. We do this under the guise of creating a brand, communicating a message, or showcasing our talents. And inherently, there’s nothing wrong with this. It’s what you’re supposed to do, right?

Here’s where the problem comes in. If we’re not careful, those one to two parts of us start to take over and we forget about the other pieces that make us uniquely who we are. In the end, we ultimately do a disservice, not only to ourselves, but to others too. You start to feed into the trap that you can’t be all parts of yourself in your real life and regenerate this cycle of fake authenticity.

Can we be bold and just release that pressure of being like everyone else? Can we just breathe and do a little woosah? No, like really. Take a deep breath and let that ish go.

Who are you? Really?

Are you also the quirky girl who geeks out on anime? Go be her sis! Loud and proud. The girl who is into all designer everything? Shop your heart away and pick me up something too! The introvert in a friend circle of extroverts? Say no to the outing and curl up inside your house with your fuzzy socks and craft, read a book, or binge tv.

Or, be the introverted quirky anime girl who loves designer clothes and handbags! You get to be all of the things. Because your realness is what attracts people to you.

Is it going to feel weird at first to let these seemingly contrasting qualities all shine through at the same time? Probably so. Will your friends question this “new” piece of you that’s really been there all along that they just weren’t privy to? Maybe. But honestly and truthfully, wouldn’t you rather just be you and shed the “let me just fit in” mask you’re wearing?

The point is this: Online, you may choose to share just a few things. But in your real life, you get to live out loud in all of the pieces of who you are. There is no one size fits all model. The only aspiration you should have is to be all parts of yourself. Regardless of if it’s what anyone else is doing. You have a tribe out there and it’s time for you to stop trying to fit into a mold and instead do and be the things that bring you light and joy. And as a dare, I’d say why not be all these things on social media too.

Instagram...Insta Trap...Issa Trap. Do not fall into the highlight reel of someone else’s one dimensional life (trust...she’s not) and believe that you have to emulate that all that time. Be you, be real, and DateYourselfGirl!


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