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Is Being Single a Good Time to Go Back to School?

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

Now that you've entered the world of single and I’ll add to that- parenthood, you've probably realized it comes with its own set of challenges. Playing the role of both mother and father is tough. As a single parent, you want to do what's best for your child, and doing something to better yourself like going back to school is for you and them. But you probably feel like you only have time to do one or the other.

The good news is that you really can do both! The list of quality programs and accredited courses online is growing. What could be better than learning a skill online, without having to spend time commuting or in the classroom? Then, you can still be there for your child. I didn’t forget about the cost factor but, I’ll get there in a minute.

To get started it helps to have a clear path. You have so much going on adding this to your “to do” list is not my goal so follow these simple steps to get started taking classes online and you’ll be that much closer to your dream career.

1. Select a career. Now that your situation has changed, you may need to find something with more flexible scheduling and time off, ability to work from home and to spend time with your child.

Making more money is an obvious goal, especially if that new career path requires you to provide alternate care in your absence.

2. YouTube University. The internet is one of the best places to find information. You can learn how to do almost anything online these days. You can build your knowledge online and springboard into a new care almost for FREE.

Another great place is LinkedIn. You can even take skills tests that can be posted to your online profile and resume. Then, you can start small and offer the services to your network.

3. Online degree program. It’s much more than an associates degree. You can find universities which offer full undergraduate and graduate degree programs online.

In case you’re wondering how this works, you complete the course requirements by listening to online lectures, blogging with classmates, working on group projects via video chat, submitting your work electronically, and communicating with your professor through email.

Many programs offer flexible hours however, some classes may only be offered at certain times. Once you set your school hours, you can determine how to prioritize spending time with your child around this schedule.

Also try to find a program that offers scholarships or financial aid or special assistance for those in specific situations like yours. You may be surprised to learn about funding that’s available.

There are a lot of career networking sites which make it easy to job hunt online. I’ve already mentioned LinkedIn for skills acquisition. They are also one of the most popular because corporations often list job openings on their websites and even conduct online interviews. Win- win right?

Post pandemic you’d be hard pressed to find a company who’s application process is not totally online. Expand your search to look out of state or for skills you can acquire prior to landing that dream job. This is your time renewal season so don’t short change yourself. You and your child are counting on you and could use a fresh start!

Some businesses are heading back face to face but many see the advantage of cutting down on overhead by remote work and hiring freelancers. This is wonderful if one of your goals is to work from home and spend even more time with your children!

So you see sis, being a single mom doesn’t necessarily mean life gets harder. It just means you have to make the most of your time. Especially if you’re the only one financially supporting your family, finding a career that will let you do that is critical.

So if you’ve been considering going back to school or taking classes online, hopefully now you will go for it!

And while you’re out here becoming a better version of you, remember to DateYourselfGirl!

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