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Corona Can't Stop Us, We're All the Way Up!

Corona may have ignited the next baby boom because dating in the midst of a

pandemic did not slow down. Dating apps and social media have changed the way love looks, but romance is still alive and ticking. In many ways, technology has given you more opportunities to let your partner know how much you value them.

If you’re thinking but, Tracey I’m single. Well, girl me too but, here’s what I’m learning. Start by clarifying your criteria. Overcoming a fear of love requires taking risks, but you can make your odds more favorable. Knowing what you want in a romantic relationship will help you to make rational decisions and choose compatible partners.

Then you have to open up. Close connections are based on communication. Allow

yourself to be vulnerable. Move conversations to a deeper level. Talk about your

thoughts and feelings.

When the opportunity arises, consider these ideas for connecting with your partner online and off. Today, you can enjoy the convenience of digital communications and rediscover the beauty of more traditional dating methods.

5 Ways to Connect in a digital age

Girl, put that technology to work to deepen your relationship. Wi-fi makes it fast and

easy to stay in touch even when your busy schedules keep you apart.

Tips using technology:

1. Send a card. Remember email cards? Email cards are free, so you don’t need to

wait for birthdays and holidays. Plus, you can customize digital cards with your

own images and text so the message will be more meaningful.

2. Listen to music. Put together a playlist of songs you both love and download it

to your phones. You can imagine dancing together whenever you hear those


3. Play games. This is a win, win, win. Studies show that video games can make

you happier, healthier, and sharpen your cognitive skills. Enjoy the benefits

together with a few rounds of Super Mario or HQ Trivia.

4. Research activities. We won’t be quarantined forever. Browse for ideas about

your next vacation, workout programs, or home improvement projects. Focusing

on your future will draw you closer together.

5. Agree on boundaries. Keep in mind that happy couples actually post about their

relationship less often than average. Ask your partner for approval before you

post photos and personal information and avoid oversharing. Negotiate a

schedule that keeps you both updated without feeling overwhelmed.

A few offline ways to be romantic

Of course, you want to be in the same room sometimes and like I said- quarantine won’t last always. Just like you’d probably propose marriage only when you’re face to face, some interactions benefit from a more personal touch.

Consider these ideas:

1. Write a letter. Handwritten messages make a deeper impression than

emails. Pick up a pen and put your feelings down on paper. Hand deliver it to

your partner or put it someplace where they’re sure to find it. Bonus, this gesture

is great for kids too.

2. Buy flowers. Quite easily a girls other best friend. Call your local florist to

arrange a bouquet for your partner. Choose their favorite flowers or ask for

recommendations based on their personality or the season.

3. Dress up. Do you live in sweatpants or leggings these days because you’re not

at the office? Surprise your partner by putting on slacks or a dress just


4. Plan a date. Go a step beyond just hanging out. Be intentional and make dinner

reservations at a cozy restaurant or pick-up theater tickets for the next evening

you both have free. Remember to book a babysitter too if you have children.

5. Cook dinner. For an evening at home, volunteer to do the cooking or share the

work. Try a new recipe or prepare something that brings back happy memories of

past vacations or someplace you’d like to go.

6. Read poetry together. Ok, so poetry may not come naturally but don’t overthink

it. The gesture and connection over laughs even if its corny will be memorable. If

writing your own poetry sounds a little too intimidating, start out by reading

selections from other great writers. Ask your friends or go for the gusto and ask

Amber Gordon for suggestions. You may be inspired to create your own sonnets


7. Take a walk. Motivate each other to get more exercise. Go for a walk each

evening after dinner or sign up for a couples or family membership at a nearby


8. Help with the housework. If acts of service is your partners love language,

pitching in with household responsibilities is a practical way to express your

affection and appreciation. Volunteer for the chores you excel at, or take turns

cleaning the bathroom.

So there you have it, you can romance your partner even if you’re more likely to

exchange texts and tweets rather than love letters and lockets. Caring gestures are a

fun and effective way to strengthen your relationship. But even when you are in a relationship, remember to always DateYourselfGirl!


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