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Rejecting Cuffing Season

Isn’t Summer just a vibe? Hanging with your crew—meeting on rooftop patios, hitting up day parties, bottomless brunches, just carefree, sunkissed, and living your best life. And then here comes the change in weather and cuffing season is lurking around the bushes like a Kardashian sister.

Have you seen this schedule that’s going around? It’s like a sports season—scouting, drafting, tryouts, preseason, the actual cuffing season, playoffs, and the championship game on none other than Valentine's Day…this is where you’re supposed to decide if your boo gets to stick around.

Sis, seriously? Are we truly going to go another year living into this? My vote is a resounding NO for several reasons. I’ll give you my top 4:

1. Cuffing Season screams, “I’m settling!

”Yep. You’re settling. Instead of waiting for the right person to come along (which does NOT happen according to some seasonal shift, hello?!), you’re letting the weather dictate a roster of men to choose from. Honey, if they’re around and couldn’t lock you down in the Summer, they aren’t good enough for the Winter.

2. Cuffing Season means you aren’t comfortable being alone.

Baby love, get 👏🏾 over 👏🏾 this 👏🏾. Yes, I clapped at you. Cause if in 2022, we’re still not okay being with our magical selves, then we have major work to do. You don’t need someone to be complete. And forget what you’ve been told—you don’t need someone to keep you warm from the Winter cold. That’s why they have heated blankets. Buy one...they are amazing.

3. Cuffing Season creates unnecessary pressure.

Valentines Day is the championship? Whew. I hate it here. Society has morphed a day of love and appreciation into a performative holiday. It already was, but this makes it even more so.

4. Cuffing Season signals desperation.

Yikes. Sorry to be the one to say it. Actually not sorry. Are we really so desperate that we have to cling to someone during the season instead of letting go of them when we know they aren’t the right match? Are we so desperate that we won’t create space for the real one to find us? Cause while you cuffed up with Joe Nobody, your next bae is out there living.

Miss ma’am. Let’s reject cuffing season. Let’s get rid of the notion that because it’s cold we need to be with someone. Use the Fall and Winter to be as amazing and free as you felt in the Summer. If you got a roster, keep it in play. Weed them out until you find "The One". Ain’t no championship game. And if you don’t have "The One", don’t let this ridiculous notion of Cuffing Season make you think you need to get one. Keep living your fabulous solo self. Whatever you do, don’t let imaginary guidelines influence your dating life. And always remember, to DATEYOURSELFGIRL!

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