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Should I Stick To My Diet On a Date OR On Thanksgiving?

Is dating interfering with your diet? I recently saw a clip on @iamSteveHarveytv where a young lady ordered six lemon pepper wings and only ate three while on a date because the guy she met online mentioned something about her weight. You already probably know how Steve responded, but let me weigh in here for a minute.

Do you find it easy to eat healthy when you’re on your own, but things become more complicated when you’re dating? Eating out and holiday goodies could be making your waistline grow.

I get it. Dating can definitely tempt you into overeating or give you an opportunity to exercise discipline with your diet while having a good time. You may even find someone who wants to eat healthy with you!

So listen up luv bug--you can find love without sacrificing your figure or upsetting your future mother-in-law. Use these ideas to help you cope with holiday calories, and manage your weight while dating.

Dating on a Diet Survival Tips:

  1. Talk about it. If you’re on a strict diet, you and your date might feel more comfortable if you let them know about it from the jump. Respect each other’s food choices and focus on having fun. If he makes you feel uncomfortable in any way about your food choices, honey grab a doggy bag and leave that dog to dine alone.

  2. It’s all about balance. You can indulge a little on your nights out if you watch your calories the rest of the week. Your body weight and overall health depend more on your daily habits than on an occasional treat. The key word here is health because you’re beautiful and you know we are all about healthy body images, right?

  3. Stay full. Going to a fancy restaurant that serves small plates on an empty stomach could make you want to order doubles of everything on the menu. Oooh the guilt of more on your waist and less in your wallet, so have a light snack before you go so you feel satisfied but not stuffed.

  4. Share your location. Have a list of local spots where you know you can order grilled sea bass or black bean burger with your date ahead of time. Use them when you’re planning the activities or when your date asks for suggestions.

  5. Google the menu. Most restaurants have some light options or will be willing to accommodate you if you check in advance. Search online for the menu and call them with any questions if you feel awkward asking for substitutions in front of your date.

  6. Chew slowly. Did you know that chewing slowly improves digestion and gives your brain a chance to notice that you’re full. My grandmother always said to chew your food twenty times before swallowing. You’ll eat less and enjoy your food more!

  7. Drink water. My grandmother also said drink after your meals because sipping water can make you feel full faster with a smaller serving of your favorite dishes. The flip side is if this is your goal, take a drink in between every few bites.

  8. Consume less alcohol. Cocktails contain calories. Yep, they can indeed be fattening. In addition to containing empty calories, alcohol lowers your resistance to other temptations like cream sauces and dessert trays.

  9. Cooking at home. Besides being a sweet date night, you have more control over the ingredients when you prepare food at home. If you’re not ready to invite your date over or treat them to a home cooked meal, you can still plan a picnic or other outing where you can bring your famous chickpea salad.

There are also lots of things to do on a date besides dinner and a movie. Maybe our next conversation will be about that, hmmm… but until then, if you start with dating someone who shares your health and fitness goals you can save time and calories. Decide early if this is a deal breaker so you can keep doing you and remember to DateYourselfGirl!

Til' next time,



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