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The Secret to Relationship Longevity

Have you ever asked a couple who has been married sixty years "what's the secret?" Well I did! A few funny stories later, I learned that they had their fair share of problems but, it had a lot more to do with how they solved them.

It got me to thinking about relationships and how as women we often have a list. I'm sure men do too but for now, I'm going to stick with what I know.

The list may start with tall, dark and handsome and enterprising but, there are also those important questions that we know we need to ask once the relationships feels like it may be going somewhere, like marriage, kids and credit. I believe it's equally important to ask about relationship examples and how they saw problems resolved.

Here are a those key questions from a problem solving focus that can be used to evaluate the your next relationship:

‣ When you are confronted with a problem as a couple, what steps do you take to address it?

‣ How do you handle financial issues as a couple?

‣ How do you make decisions about children /parenting (if applicable)?

‣ How do you handle it when you are unable to agree on a decision or how to solve a problem?

‣ What are some problems that come up repeatedly?

‣ Are there issues that you have agreed to disagree on? If so, how do you manage things related to this issue?

Relationships are supposed to be your refuge but even in your time of refuge there is work that needs to be done in order to maintain a sustainable union. Even if you're not in a relationship be thinking about these questions as a guide. It will help take the pressure off of dating and finding the right mate. When you and your partner are on the same page it makes the courtship that much easier and the ride that much more worth it...together. So in the meantime in between time, remember to pay attention to these details and as always, DateYourselfGirl!


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