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It's Time for Spring Cleaning

Updated: Feb 14, 2021

Now that Tax Season is over I cannot help but think of the other areas in my life that need some re-examination. I walked in my closet the other day and was met with a mountain of clothes. It was just overflowing with jeans and tops and dresses that I just threw to the side. It was a little overwhelming because I'm a bit of a neat freak so my head began to spin. Let my BFF tell it I'm OCD and I'm little inclined to believe her. I looked at the pile of clothes and thought not only did I have to get the closet in order but I needed to get my life back in order, as well. My closet wasn't the only thing in my life that required some "Spring Cleaning", my mind was a mess, as well. Since I started the dating process I have had several failed attempts at fostering a long term relationship and it began to weigh heavy on my heart. I started to do that thing I do best and that is doubt myself. Doubting myself always leads to an increase in my insecurities. I drifted back into that negative mindset that had held me back for many years. If a situation didn't work out I would tell myself that I just wasn't good enough. Maybe if I looked a certain way or had X amount of dollars I would be considered more of a keeper. These insecurities have followed me since I was younger and after ALL this self-love and self-evaluation and self-building I still had a whole lot of self-doubt.

Well Ladies, I'm here to let you know that even though we do all this self-work there may be times where you don't feel so good about who you are. And when that occurs it might be time to stop and take inventory. A "Check-In" to see if you have fallen back into those old habits that kept you from your personal growth. Make sure you aren't compromising your own happiness for the sake of others. Make sure your mind, body, and spirit are being fed all the positive energy necessary to maintain a great quality of life. I'm not saying that this life is complete with roses but I am saying that if you find that your life isn't going the way you imagined to make sure that you take care of yourself. Be self-aware. Be honest about it and stop pretending that you are at the top of your game when you aren't. It's okay to feel this way as long as you don't build a house there and live in it.

It took me a while to realize that "Cleaning House" was a good thing. A necessary step in personal growth. It keeps you honest and it definitely keeps you humble. Besides, who likes to live with a bunch of mess. Mess blurs your vision and creates obstacles that prevent you from your purpose. So let's de-stress and get rid of the mess!!! BUT, in the meantime in between time treat yourself with love and respect and as always...DateYourselfGirl!!


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